Nintendo E3 2010 Printable Countdown Calendar

With only days remaining until what is sure to be the biggest E3 Presentation from Nintendo since 2006, or possibly even 2004, I've decided to make the wait a bit more interesting for Nintendo fans by making a printable countdown calendar available so they can mark off the remaining days.

I've done similar calendars to this counting down the days to the launch of the original Nintendo DS in 2004, Nintendo's E3 2006 Presentation, and a final one for the launch of the Wii console in 2006. I've found that in the past my countdown calendars were widely used and appreciated, and so, with yet another difficult wait until gamers see their first glimpses of the new Legend of Zelda game for Wii, and the full details on the Nintendo 3DS system, a calendar counting down to Nintendo's 2010 E3 Presentation seems in order.

I've made the calendar in both the gray Nintendo uses in the Wii logo, and in a much easier to see black version. Take your pick by clicking the calendar you want and printing it out.

Nintendo E3 2010 Countdown Calendar                    Nintendo E3 2010 Countdown Calendar
(click to enlarge)                                                                                                                      (click to enlarge)
Just a reminder, June 14th, the day of Nintendo's presentation, is Day 0, what you are counting down with this are how many days are left to pass before Day 0, so don't get confused and put yourself a day behind the actual countdown!

June 14th also marks the date of Sony's E3 Presentation, and Microsoft's E3 Presentation takes place the day before on the 13th.

The E3 Presentations of all three console manufacturers have been aired live and commercial free on digitial cable's G4 network in previous years, and are ususally streamed live through the internet at many major gaming news sites, so keep your eyes peeled for news there on how you can see the announcements live from your own home!

I personally love seeing people's candid live reactions to the big E3 Presentations. Last year, my friend and I recorded ourselves as we watched Nintendo's E3 Presentation last year and the response from the YouTube community was so encouraging that I hope to do the same for this year, possibly with an extra friend or two present to add to the excitement.

If you've got a video camera, why not join in and film your own reactions as you watch the E3 presentations?

I'll see you nerds in June!

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